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   About Us

"Great creations come from great ideas"

Jai Shakti Engineering & Construction(JSEC) is a wide-ranging engineering Group. We seek to become one the leading engineering company in India, addressing the ever changing services that draw the strength of JSEC.

We take pleasure in introducing ourselves as one of the leading mechanical and civil engineers working in this field since 2004.Our business encompasses diverse field such as fabrication, erection, sandblasting and painting etc of steel structural, storage tanks, pipes, sheeting, civil works etc.

Our motto is “Success is not a destination but a journey to accomplishment” and to that aim, we continue to evolve and create a new value through our development programmes.

Growth and downturn, boom and bust, high and low, economic and business cycles, driving and changing role of technology, these are all the order of any firm to deal with as it strives to maintain its survival. We are remaining trustworthy to our customers and helped them inspite of all these uncertainties and are builded with perfection and confidence. This confidence leads us to success. We provide the maximum satisfaction to our clients. These objectives govern our activities.

JSEC take pride in contributing to society and our customers through services that leads to development of India’s infrastructure and industry. The executives and employees are united in their efforts to achieve these goals and we look forward to your continued support and encouragement in our future endeavors.

JSEC is located in Gandhidham in Kutch District of Gujarat. We are running our various projects in Mundra, Gandhidham, Ahemedabad, Bhilwara of Rajastan etc.


   Our Vision:

Be globally recognized as an efficient Engineering Service hub with qualitative human Interfacing technology

   Our Motto:



Client Delight:
A commitment to surpass our client expectation.

Leadership by Example:
A commitment to set standard in our business and transactions based on mutual trust.

Pursuit of Excellence:
A commitment to strive relentlessly, to constantly improve ourselves, our team and our services so as to become the best in class.

   Our Mission:

Maximizing client satisfaction through innovative, transparent and need based solutions